Damon and Nomad's Sandy Point MH**(Sandman)

Captain Damon K. Williams

"some are born into it... others buy into it... but very few have it running through their veins"

Born and raised in Calvert County, Maryland... Captain Damon K. Williams has been on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and her tributaries for over 35 years... with more hours on the water in reverse than most have going forward.


As a kid he could be found chicken-necking from Randle Cliff pier or beach seining off of Chesapeake Beach and North Beach.  As a teenager days were spent trot-lining the Patuxent River or pulling pots in the Bay.  Just out of high school found Captain Damon buying his first commercial license and fishing vessel "Rockhound" from the family of the famed lure maker Arden E. Cather (Cather Spoons).  The next few years were spent primarily Hook and Lining Rockfish with tutelage coming from Vinson Scott.

Moving to the Eastern Shore to find land to expand his retriever training operation, Captain Damon opened an 18 dog retriever training facility and started Nomad Kennels and Outfitters. Time was spent in the Spring through late Summer training/competing retrievers and commercially fishing/ crabbing on the Choptank River, Little Choptank River, Fishing Bay, and the Nanticoke River. Fall months were spent puddle ducking Deal Island, Elliott Island, Fishing Bay, Taylor's Island,  and Slaughter Creek.  Winter was spent Sea Duck Hunting from South Marsh Island to Poplar Island.  The Sea Ducking was especially prosperous and saw the addition of 3 Duckwater Boats (2-28' & 1-23')

After 8 years on the Shore he came back home to Southern Maryland to create additional opportunities for his oldest daughter, now NCAA D1 scholar athlete, and continued commercial fishing/ crabbing, retriever training, and Sea Duck hunting. A few years past and now with 2 daughters in competitive sports year-round he scaled back his Sea Duck and Retriever operations and purchased the Markley work-boat "Crack of Dawn". Commercial fishing/ crabbing offered greater schedule flexibility than being locked-in to chartered trips.

Two years ago Captain Damon put together the 24' Chesapeake Classic "Hard-wired", she was built for his private use with only family and the closest friends being invited on her journeys . During this time taking a month long trip to Florida with his Chesapeake 24' chasing fish in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, Indian River, and Mosquito Lagoon.  This time refueled Captain Damon's passion for guiding on the Bay.

So now with his daughters (only thing more important than the Bay)  grown, Captain Damon once again will share his expertise and experience with the Chesapeake Bay Outdoor community. But unlike years prior with Nomad Kennels and Outfitters, when the focus was on numbers of fish caught and numbers of birds killed, Chesapeake Bay Outdoors will be an opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and traditions about "ALL things Chesapeake Bay".

Commercial Waterman

  • Over 25 years experience


Licensed Outfitter/ Master Hunting Guide

  • Over 35 years experience

  • Massachusetts to Virginia


Captain's License

  • USCG Master's 50 ton

  • Near Coastal to 200 miles offshore


Professional Retiever Trainier

  • Over 30 years experience

  • Multiple AKC Field Trial and AKC Hunt Test Titles






Solomons Island, Maryland

Chesapeake Beach, Maryland

Point Lookout, Maryland

Cape Charles, Virginia

Chesapeake Bay OutDoors LLC

Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland, immersed in the history and beginnings of modern day Waterfowling and Charter Fishing, where Waterfowl Hunting and Charter Fishing are much more than a passion or a weekend hobby but rather a “WAY OF LIFE”. Life at Chesapeake Bay Outdoors revolves around two things, Charter Fishing and Waterfowl Hunting. It is a lifestyle that we enjoy 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Chesapeake Bay Outdoors offers an unmatched level of professionalism, knowledge, and experience in Waterfowl Hunting and Charter Fishing. Captain Damon and his Colleagues bring over 100 years of professional experience in the field and they have spent their entire lives living and working on the Chesapeake Bay.

For those looking for the ultimate in Charter Fishing and Waterfowl Hunting, join Chesapeake Bay Outdoors on a world class Charter Fishing Trip or Sea Duck Hunt. Enjoy yourself while catching Trophy Rockfish, Redfish, Bluefish, Cobia, Spanish Mackeral or shooting Blue Bills, Canvasbacks, Old Squaws, Surf Scoters, Common Scoters, and White Winged Scoters, on the famous and historic Chesapeake Bay!

Captain Damon K. Williams is a USCG Licensed Captain(Master), Maryland State Licensed Fishing Guide, Maryland State Licensed Master Hunting Guide(Licensed Outfitters), and NOAA HMS Charter Licensee.

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